A Bit About Us...

We're Jeff and Julie Machakos, a married midlife couple in the midst of lots of life changes.  

We met as ski bums in Colorado.  We married in Alaska and lived there for many years.  We've lived in New Hampshire and California and now Idaho. We love people. We love to talk and we love to listen. We love travel and adventure and outdoor play.  Oh, and chocolate.

We love to encourage people to live their passions to make their lives and their world better.

Our two wonderful sons are, like, giants now, launching into adulthood.  Raising them has been life's greatest joy. Julie homeschooled the boys, while Jeff had a 20-year career in Information Technology.  As we see our sons readying to head out into the world, we realize our roles are rapidly changing, too.  Feeling a stirring to do work in alignment with our core beliefs of wellness, service, passion, purpose, and adventure, we both became wellness  coaches.  

Encouraging another human being to change their life and write a new story is intoxicating; in fact, it's our drug of choice. What a privilege to see people healthy enough to go and do the things in life that they feel called - or beckoned - to do.  

Eventually we felt the time was right to leave our Alaska home and relocate down to “America.” One son was entering college, one was midway through high school. All of us were on board with the proposed move.  We packed up a too-small U-Haul and drove from Alaska to Idaho.  

No jobs.  No income.  No home.  A midlife crisis perhaps?  Possibly. Yet in our bones we knew it was right.

We decided to dig deep. What is important to us?  What are our strengths and weaknesses? What good are we made to put into the world?

Talking and listening, connecting and laughing and encouraging others to live above the mundane.

Our mission is to inspire people to live their purposes and passions to make their lives and their world better.

We'll ponder topics pertaining to living an elevated life.

Join us and be inspired.

How will YOU elevate your life?