From Passion to Purpose – Part 2

Julie, here…

In the last blog I shared with you about the Boise Trails Challenge, a really cool event happening in our town of Boise, Idaho. It challenges trail lovers in the area to cover 170 miles in the Boise Foothills, either on foot or bicycle, or both, within a 30-day period. But connecting the intricate weave of trails turns out to add almost 100 miles to ground actually covered (backtracking, linking this trail to that trail, etc.). It’s no small potatoes (for the Idaho-aware: see what I did there?).

Tragically, one of the founders of the event died in a mountain biking accident, but friends have carried the torch forward. The event has grown (1100 entrants this year), as folks are inspired by his passion for our trails, and have accepted the invitation to push themselves physically and mentally.

My hubby, Jeff, accepted the challenge and, like a few other mountain biking crazies, finished it in just a few days. Besides the obvious joy of accomplishing something hard, what was his prize? A hat. The top 15 finishers win one (he got 13th). A freaking hat motivated him to get up at 4:00 in the morning to start biking before sunrise. A hat motivated him to keep going during hot weather, malfunctioning bikes, fatigue, hunger, etc.

Let’s turn a corner and talk about goals. Do you see the analogy here?

You have goals. You have things on your mind and heart that you want to see come to fruition. But how do you actually get there?

It starts with passion.

For Jeff, it started with his love of mountain biking in the Foothills. Passion! As he immersed himself in biking videos (I didn’t know there were so many), he allowed himself to dream about what he could accomplish in this challenge. He talked about biking with his friends. He visualized himself out on the trails, persevering when things got tough. He was already riding almost daily, but began to increase terrain and distance. He dialed in his nutrition, hydration, and sleep. He studied maps and plotted his approach. He committed, and his actions followed. The whole thing was bathed in his love for mountain biking.

Look at those who have succeeded in any industry or pursuit. It basically follows the same pattern: a passion or love, an idea, immersion, commitment, massive action.

What is your love? What is on your heart to do? How would you like to make your life – or the lives of those around you – better? I’ll bet you have some ideas. Immerse yourself in things concerning your idea. Talk to others, read, Google, think, jot down your thoughts. Commit, decide. With a dose of courage, start making steps in the direction of your goal.

What about you?

Where are you on this continuum? What are your next steps? Any action – big or small – in the direction of your dream is forward momentum. There is great purpose found in humble beginnings.

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