It’s the Little (and Big) Things

Julie, here…

At Upward Motion, there is much talk of changing the world, for yourself and those around you. It’s fun to see folks who have started non-profits or charitable programs, traveled to far corners of the world to bring hope and life, who’ve leveraged their strengths to impact many.

While having impact on a big scale is wonderful, that’s not where many of us live. We can make the world better by offering to babysit for the single mom who lives down the street. We can take a meal to a family in crisis. We can volunteer to help pick up trash in our town. Don’t forget to be kind to the cashier at the grocery store and give a friendly wave as you allow someone to pull in front of you in traffic.

This isn’t the “sexy” in making the world a better place. In fact, it’s oftentimes nameless and thankless. It has nothing to do with making a name for yourself, and everything to do with offering yourself up for the sincere service of others.

And if, in your sincere service, you find that what you’re doing creates a large ripple effect, then by all means, keep doing it and grow it, expanding your impact for good.

For many of us, we have a heart that wants to make a difference, but we just don’t know where to start. How about this: start where you see a need and possess the means and inkling to help.

Can you find something today that you can do that would bear someone else’s burden, make someone’s day a little brighter? Experiment and see what feels genuine to you.

Perhaps in trying a number of different things, you’ll discover where the needs of the world and your passion meet. That’s the sweet spot. That’s fulfillment.

How will you make your little corner of the world better today?

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