On Perseverance

Julie, here…

I’m hoping some of my Juneau, Alaska friends were drawn in by the title of this blog.  There is a trail there called Perseverance. Its name is a nod to the miners who came in search of shiny treasure enclosed in the folds of the surrounding mountains, not giving up until they’d found gold. But for me, the trail – a gentle uphill – has always been one of steady plodding.  You know, persevering.

This morning I was out on a run in my new town of Boise, Idaho.  The nearby Foothills are full of great trails to run, and true to their name, there are a lot of… hills.  Often times (okay, most times) I find myself walking up them. Today, however, I decided I would jog them, even if it meant my speed was no faster than your grandmother could walk. 

I decided, and I did it.  I persevered through something that I heretofore hadn’t thought I was capable of.

And this is the moral of my story.  We are capable of far more than we realize.  How often do we stop short of attaining our goals because we have it in our minds that we just… can’t?  And I don’t mean only physical accomplishments. I’m referring also to dreams of finally getting healthy… reaching out to your neighbors and having an impact on your community… volunteering for that cause you believe in… writing that book that you know you have in you… starting that non-profit to support projects you believe in… going back to school to get the training you need… finishing that craft or art piece you’d started long ago… connecting with people with whom you want to establish or mend relationship… taking that trip… starting that podcast (okay, this is hitting home).

Does any of this ring true for you?  I know it does for me. We are capable of more than we think, but results won’t come easy.  We must be willing to do the hard work, be consistent, hang in there when the going gets tough. We’ll feel tempted to quit and let it all go.

But that’s not who we are.  We are a tribe of people who want to make a better world.

If you’re waiting for permission to start something, here it is:  Step out and get the help you need to accomplish your dreams and goals. You’re ready. Turn your “To Do” list into “Done.”

Lean in.  Persevere.  Like I did on my run this morning.  (I love it when life gives me metaphors I can’t ignore.)

Let’s step into our gifts, callings, passions and purpose together.

What’s on your heart and mind to do?

4 thoughts on “On Perseverance”

  1. Julie,
    I appreciate your story. What I find challenging is coming against my own doubts. As soon as I begin to dream, I hear a little voice saying, “That will never happen!” Or I begin to reason why I can’t instead of why I can. Earlier this year I created a vision board. This is a collection of magazine photos and words I hope to realize. More travel and doing things outside is definitely tops. If it involves bettering the environment like improving trails, removing invasive species, planting or just playing, those are all things I really look forward to spending more time doing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your vision board experience, Theresa. They sure can be a powerful form of positive self-help! You are an inspiring woman… shine on!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Thanks to you I am preserving. I have started my tie dye business. My plan is to sell complete 100% apperal. Also we finally resolved my stomach. What a joy to eat raw vegetables. My life has become magical. Things keep manifesting. I truly believe in dreaming big. Love is the healer.

    A Hawaiian prayer
    Thank you
    I love you
    I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you
    I am 100% responsible for myself!
    Kathi Luana Petersen

    1. SO great to hear from you! I’m happy to hear your are moving forward with your tie dye! And wonderful to hear your veggie tales! You are a gem, a precious one.

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