We Can’t Not

Julie, here…

I just finished reading a book that ripped me up.  So powerful was the injustice on page after page.

But more powerful was the God-given spirit in its author, who has risen out of incredible darkness and is sharing the light with those around her.

I won’t go into details here, because we are securing the author to speak on an upcoming podcast and will share more then.  But after reading the book, I realized that we can’t not bring to light the ways that people are tirelessly working to make the world a better place.

We all know there is plenty of bad news… just open up a news source on your phone, turn on the radio or open the newspaper (remember those?), and day after day there is more depravity and injustice and destruction and loneliness and sadness in the world.

It’s disheartening at times. It can feel like the world is closing in on us.  But it’s not.  There are folks out there who are doing good things.  They are elevating their own lives and writing new stories for themselves. They are activating their passions and purposes and are making the world (or their corner of it) a better place.

As we become involved in conversations with people of all walks of life, we are encountering some amazing folks who are doing so much good.  Some of what they’re doing is on a small scale, some on a big.  Some are fighting injustices, while others are just making the day brighter for someone else.  Some are sinking deep into relationships with those in need, and some are behind the scenes, quietly creating material that will impact lives for the better.  Others are creating space for people to connect.  And more than a few are exploring the wonders of this beautiful world and sharing their discoveries with others.  

Important work, all of it.

Whatever form it takes, it moves us.  We simply can’t not share with you all. And we hope it will embolden you to go and do the good that is in you.

What good things are you planning?

Live life elevated.


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