Why “Life Elevated?”

Simon Sinek is an influential author and speaker who is perhaps best known for the simple phrase, “Start with why.”

And so that is where we’ll begin. Why does Upward Motion and the Life Elevated podcast exist?

We exist to inspire folks like you and like us to make life better for ourselves – and maybe even for the world around us.

What if we took the time to imagine what life could be?  What if we allowed ourselves to experience an elevated life that dared to dream of something different than just day-to-day existence? Connection, service, exploration, creativity, education. We were made for these things.

We all want to know that our time on this earth matters.

At this very moment, maybe you have a dream or desire or goal, but logical voices tell you it’s crazy or outrageous or beyond your grasp. Or worse, you’ve been told that you and your dream are insignificant.

At Upward Motion, we’re here to give you permission to go for it.  Make your life better.  Make your world better.

Over the years, we’ve met some pretty amazing people – people who are writing a new story for their life, people who are making the world a better place by pursuing their dreams. They’ve done the hard things to create a life of vitality, passion, and purpose. What are their mindsets? What are their secrets? What difficulties have they encountered along the way, and how have they overcome them?

At Upward Motion, we want to inspire you to live your life elevated. We want you to hear from other people who let their crazy out of the box and shined lights on it. We want you to be empowered to get out there and make life better – for you, for the world around you.

The world needs you to come alive.

That’s our “why.”



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